Download and print our hood/cape pattern, then tile and tape the pieces together, then cut out the patten pieces and arrange them as shown on a folded piece of thick coat fabric (fold is along top edge in photo)

Trace around the edge of the pattern with tailor's chalk, then also trace a sewm allowance outside that line 1/4" to 5/8" or more depending on your preference.

Cut out pattern pieces and flip them over. Unpin the paper pattern and flip it over too, using it to trace its shape onto the other side of the folded fabric (so each fabric piece has a full pattern perimeter traced). This makes it easier to sew in the right place!


Pin shoulder seams and darts together and stitch, removing pins as you go.

Pin the hood and cape pieces together along the neckline, starting with the center back crease. Machine stitch along the seam and remove pins as you go.

To finish the hood, fold with top edges aligned, right sides together, and stitch the seam.

Cut out a round piece of translucent fabric to use for the face panel, roughly the same size as the hood opening.

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