Fold over a 1/2" seam along the front edge of the hood and thread in a long piece of galvanized wire (we're using 19awg). Twist the ends and stitch them down to anchor the wire. This wire gives structure to the hood and helps support the weight of the face panel.

Try on the hood and decide where you want the face panel to be, then pin and sew it in place by hand with a few tack stitches, or run it through the sewing machine.

Once the face panel is in place, try the hood on again to find the placement of the eyes. Hand stitch them in place using the mounting holes on the PCB.

Stitch through unused holes on GEMMA to affix it to the inside of the cape's lapel. Stitch the battery holder near GEMMA and insert the 500mAh rechargable lipoly battery.

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