My Mini Race Car is designed to introduce you to the joys of making with electronics. We decided to come up with a fun pack of parts that:

  • Could introduce a beginner to making
  • Teach electronics and programming skills
  • Does not assume any prior experience
  • Does not require any soldering or special tools

Kit Contents

After a lot of thinking, here's what we came up with:

Feather, USB Cable, & Batteries

  • Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE is the brains of your race car! It is Arduino-compatible and has Bluetooth wireless control
  • Motor FeatherWing is the muscle of this car, providing power to the motors -- Lets you drive up to 4 DC or 2 stepper motors- certainly enough motors to power the car kit!
  • TE HTU21D-F  is the heart of your race car. Temperature & Humidity sensor breakout board for realtime car/track sensing!
  • 1x USB Cable - Standard A-B - 3 ft/1m - use this to install new code onto your Feather (from any computer)
  • 3.7V LiPoly battery - this battery will power your Feather (but not the motors)
  • 4x AA Batteries - Use these to power your the motors of your super awesome little race car

Car Chassis & Assembly Tools

  • Three layer Robot Chassis Kit in Black - This kit gives you everything you need to build the shell of a 2-wheel-drive Mobile Platform Robot to help you channel your inner Mario Andretti
  • Pocket Screwdriver with Philips and slotted ends

Prototyping Parts and Components

  • Half Size Breadboard Perfect fit for your car kit. Your Feather will connect to the breadboard, allowing you to easily plug in other sensor, LEDs, buzzers, potentiometers, switches, and more
  • 1x 4xAA Battery Holder w/ On/Off Switch - A nice portable battery holder for your car's motor batteries.
  • 1x Shield stacking headers for Arduino - Allow optional plugging in of many different boards, sensors, and wiring
  • 1x Rubber Bumper Feet - Helps keep the battery packs safe and secure
  • Jumper wires for making additional connections

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