NeoPixel Strip for Head

Get the NeoPixel strip ready to install into the head of the guitar.

Install Strip to Head

Fit the NeoPixel strip into the head of the guitar. Insert the 3-pin JST cable through the hole – route cable to the neck. Carefully bend the strip so it follows the shape of the head. Use hot glue to secure the strip to the inner walls.

Install Feather Screws

Insert 4x M2.5 x 8mm screws into the mounting holes on the Feather PCB. Insert and fasten 4x M2.5 hex nuts. Note: longer (10mm) M2.5 screws were added due to hardware on hand – These can be cut short.

Installing Feather to Neck

Get the Feather ready to install into the mounting holes on the neck.

Secure Feather to Neck

Place the Feather into the neck and fit the threads of the screws through the mounting holes. Insert and fasten four M2.5 hex nuts onto the threads of the screws to secure Feather to neck.

Install Feather Slide Switch

Insert body of slide switch at an angle into the built-in switch holder.

Connect Strip to Feather

Connect the 3-pin JST cable from the strip to the 3-pin JST cable on the Feather.

Install Strip JST Wiring

Fit the JST cable in between the Feather PCB and inner walls of the neck. Tuck in the cable so it's nice and neat.

This guide was first published on Mar 18, 2020. It was last updated on Jun 22, 2024.

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