Install the Neck Cover

Get the neck cover with MX switches ready to install into the neck of the guitar. Orient the neck cover using the photo to reference correct placement.

Snap Fit Neck Cover

Insert and pass JST cables through the hole in neck of the guitar. Firmly press cover into neck to snap fit shut. Ensure all of the wires are inside the neck.

Snap Fit Head Cover

Install the LED cover into the head of the guitar. Firmly press cover into head to snap fit shut.

Test NeoPixel Strip

Power on NeoPixel strip to test out diffusion in the head cover. Black LED acrylic is pretty amazing!

Make Connections

Take a moment to connect the rest of the components. This is where labeling your wires comes in handy!

Install Keycaps

Get the key caps ready to install onto the 12 MX switches. Note, only narrow shaped key caps will fit. Spacing between switches is short.

Installed Keycaps

Key caps are press fitted onto MX switches actuators (+). Test key caps by pressing them. If they're getting stuck pressed down, try using different keys or even sand the edges.

Check Connections

Take a moment to thoroughly inspect the connections. 

Closing the Guitar Body

Gently begin to close up the guitar body by bring the two halves together. Check and ensure all of the wires and cables are fitted inside the body of the guitar. You need to ensure wires are not caught between the halves of the body, which might cause intermittent operation.

Closing the Guitar (Continued)

The cables and connectors will need to be layered and flattened nicely in order for the two halves to close properly. This may take a few attempts to get right. Thoroughly check how the wires are routed and position them so they're laying flat. Press the two halves together to snap fit them shut.

Install the Whammy Bar

Insert the threaded end of the whammy bar into the hole in the center of the whammy wheel. Twist to fasten and screw the bar into the wheel until it's in a preferred position.

Install Knob for 8-way switch

Optionally install the selector knob onto the 8-way rotary switch.

Secure Knob for 8-way switch

The knob features a grub screw to secure onto the 8-way rotary selector switch. Place knob over tip of selector switch and press down. Use a small flat head screwdriver to tighten the grub screw.

Installed Knob for 8-way switch

This knob has a nice shape for handling and features a line mark to note its position.

Install Knobs for Potentiometers

Optionally install knobs onto the two potentiometers. Use the built-in grub screws to secure knobs onto the tips of each pot.

Secured Knobs for Potentiometers

These knobs appear to be ideal for guitar amps. Labels numbers 1-11 are noted on knobs.

Final Build

And there we have it! Take a moment to test out the various components. Twist some knobs, press some buttons, bend some pitches and strum the pick.

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