The diagram below provides a visual reference for wiring of the components. This diagram was created using the software package Fritzing.

Adafruit Library for Fritzing

Use Adafruit's Fritzing parts library to create circuit diagrams for your projects. Download the library or just grab individual parts. Get the library and parts from GitHub - Adafruit Fritzing Parts.

Wired Connections

Make the following connections for the LISD3DH accelerometer.

  • Grand M4 SDA to LIS3DH SDA
  • Grand M4 SCL to  LIS3DH SCL
  • Grand M4 GND to LIS3DH GND
  • Grand M4 3V to LIS3DH VIN

Pitch Bend/Whammy Potentiometer

  • Grand M4 PIN1 to Pot PIN1
  • Grand M4 GND to Pot PIN2
  • Grand M4 3V to Pot PIN3

Modulation Potentiometer

  • Grand M4 PIN2 to Pot PIN1
  • Grand M4 GND to Pot PIN2 
  • Grand M4 3V to Pot PIN3

Velocity Potentiometer

  • Grand M4 PIN3 to Pot PIN1
  • Grand M4 GND to Pot PIN2 
  • Grand M4 3V to Pot PIN3

Strum Mode Switch

  • Grand M4 PIN52 to Switch PIN1
  • Grand M4 GND to Switch GND

Accelerometer Mode Switch

  • Grand M4 PIN53 to Switch PIN1
  • Grand M4 GND to Switch GND

8-Octave Selector Switch

  • Grand M4 PIN24-31 to 8-Way Switch PIN1-8
  • Grand M4 GND to 8-Way Switch GND

Strum Switches

  • Grand M4 PIN23 to Switch 1 NO
  • Grand M4 PIN22 to Switch 2 NO
  • Grand M4 GND to Switch 2 GND
  • Grand M4 GND to Switch 1 GND

MX Switches

  • Grand M4 PIN2-12, PIN14 to MX Switch 1-12 NO
  • Grand M4 GND to MX Switch 1-12 GND

Going Further

The head of the guitar can house a strip of NeoPixels for additional lighting effects. Using a slide switch, a 500mAh battery and Adafruit Feather M4, you can create LED animations with CircuitPython. This is a separate system apart from the Grand Central M4.

Wired Connections 

Feather M4, NeoPixel Strip and Switch

  • Feather EN to Switch PIN1
  • Feather GND to Switch PIN2
  • Feather PIN5 to NeoPixel DIN
  • Feather GND to NeoPixel GND
  • Feather 3V to NeoPixel 5V 

Extra Parts for the Neck NeoPixel Effects

Angled shot of a Adafruit Feather M4 Express.
It's what you've been waiting for, the Feather M4 Express featuring ATSAMD51. This Feather is fast like a swift, smart like an owl, strong like a ox-bird (it's half ox,...
In Stock
Breadboard-friendly SPDT Slide Switch
These nice switches are perfect for use with breadboard and perfboard projects. They have 0.1" spacing and snap in nicely into a solderless breadboard. They're easy to switch...
In Stock
Angled shot of a Lithium Ion Polymer Battery 3.7V 500mAh with JST-PH connector.
Lithium-ion polymer (also known as 'lipo' or 'lipoly') batteries are thin, light, and powerful. The output ranges from 4.2V when completely charged to 3.7V. This...
In Stock
Video of an Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip with all the LEDs illuminating various colors.
So thin. So mini. So teeeeeeny-tiny. It's the 'skinny' version of our classic NeoPixel strips!These NeoPixel strips have 60 digitally-addressable pixel Mini LEDs per...
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