3D Printed Parts

STL files for 3D printing are oriented to print "as-is" on FDM style machines. Parts are designed to 3D print without any support material. Original design source may be downloaded using the links below.

Body Parts

Here's a list of the body parts files names.

  • body-left-top.stl
  • body-left-bottom.stl
  • body-right-top.stl
  • body-right-bottom.stl
  • body-middle-bottom.stl
  • body-middle-top.stl
  • head-case.stl
  • head-diffuser.stl
  • head-top.stl
  • neck-bottom.stl
  • neck-top.stl

Strumming Parts

These parts make the strumming mechanism.

  • pick-base.stl
  • pick-hinge.stl (2x)
  • pick-joint.stl (2x)
  • pick-mount.stl
  • pick-plate-sw-left.stl
  • pick-plate-sw-right.stl
Note: 2x means to print two copies of that part.

Whammy Bar Parts

These parts make the whammy bar assembly.

  • wmy-plate-idler.stl
  • wmy-plate-pot.stl
  • wmy-plate-spring.stl
  • wmy-spring-ring-a.stl
  • wmy-spring-ring-b.stl
  • wmy-wheel-joint.stl
  • wmy-wheel-mid.stl
  • wmy-wheel-pot.stl
  • Extension Spring (6.35 x 22.2 mm)

Design Source Files

The project assembly was designed in Fusion 360. This can be downloaded in different formats like STEP, STL and more. Electronic components like Adafruit's board, displays, connectors and more can be downloaded from the Adafruit CAD parts GitHub Repo.

Slicing Parts

The 3D models in the STL files have been oriented to print "as-is".  With some 3D printers, the neck parts would not fit – With the parts rotated, it can fit diagonally across the bed. These parts do no require any support material.

Setup Parts

Multiple parts can be placed on the bed. By planning the arrangement, the placement of the parts can allow for several large parts like the left and right wings of the guitar body.

Large Surface Area

Some of the parts in the guitar body feature large surfaces and thus requires a well leveled bed. Warping in the corners could be an issue – Using a brim could be helpful and prevent corners from warping. Ensure the bed surface is clean and dust free for a perfect first layer. 

This guide was first published on Mar 18, 2020. It was last updated on Jul 12, 2024.

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