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It's time to add some sound effects to your walking stick! You can adapt existing audio files from your computer for use in this project, or audio clips and sound effects can be downloaded from sites like or

The Imperial March theme from Star Wars is a good example to start with (courtesy of 

Prepping your Audio

You will need to convert the files to the appropriate format for microcontroller use. See this guide on how to convert audio files

Your audio file must be named something like file_name.wav, make sure that it matches what's written in the code.

Trimming and Exporting your Audio

Follow the steps below to select a portion of any audio file you want to play.

Import your audio file of choice into Audacity.

Click and drag to select the portion of the audio file you want to select.

To crop this selection, navigate to Edit -> Remove Special -> Trim Audio

If your audio has two channels, use the "Mix Stereo Down to Mono" function to compress it down into a single track.

Check that you're in 16-bit PCM format

Ensure that your project rate is in 22050Hz

Export as WAV, and you're ready to rock!

No Mix & Match on mono and stereo files

Make sure your audio file is exported as 16-bit PCM WAV at 22,050 Hz.

If you're using multiple audio clips, make sure that they are all Stereo or all Mono -no mix and match!

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