Now we've got to stuff the electronics into MUNNY! This procedure will vary depending on the vinyl figure you have. You could mount the Feather like a cool backpack, and run the LED inside the body, for example. Or you can try to get everything inside as shown here. One member of our community even suggested using a reed switch and magnet to enable hidden interface options!

These are the mods I did:

  • Remove the head
  • Heat the neck with a heatgun, then slice the center open with a hobby knife
  • Repeat for the neck socket in the head
  • Head and cut open a square in the left leg to insert the USB panel mount
  • Heat and slice a flap opening into the right foot to insert the electronics
Please be careful with sharp or hot instruments.









Insert Electronics

It's a bit like building a ship in a bottle, but now you will insert the battery into the head, the panel mount through the leg, and connect and feed in the Feather and LED assembly! The video slide show will give you a good idea how to proceed.

Before putting the head back on, it's a good idea to test that everything is working!


Now you can feed the USB cable and battery into MUNNY's head and close it up. I decided to have him hold onto his own on/off switch.

Turn on the switch, and then connect to the Feather using the Adafruit Bluefruit app. You can change his colors any time you like!

Tilt Action

MUNNY also has a secret mode! You can tip him upside down to randomize his color!!

This uses the accelerometer built right onto the Prop-Maker Wing to detect tilt, and it then picks random color values every half second.

Tip him back upright to stop the madness.


You can bring your little glowing friend with you and use the battery for power. When it's time to recharge, simply plug in the USB power supply into his heel port!

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