The limitation of the Simple Balance Charger is that the charger output is divided among multiple cells. The recharge time is limited by the maximum charge current of a single charger. To speed up the charge, we can use more than one charger.

Unlike the Simple Balance Charger, the cells are not directly connected while in "Charge" mode. This means that the cells may not be balanced through the entire charge cycle. With the Fast Multi-Cell Charger, it is best to wait until all cells are fully charged. This wiil assure that they are 'balanced' at 4.2v before switching to "Run" mode.


For the fast charger, we use one charge controller per LiPo cell. Again, we use a 3-pole double-throw switch to alternate between Charge and Run modes. The system is wired as shown in the diagram below:

Charge Mode:

In Charge Mode, the cells are disconnected from each other and from the load. Each cell is connected to a dedicated charger.

Run Mode:

In Run Mode, the cells are disconnected from the chargers. The cells are connected in a series configuration and connected to the load.
Since the cells are not guaranteed to be balanced during the fast-charge, it is best to wait until both cells are fully charged before switching to Run mode.

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