Adafruit really likes the Mu editor as being the best way to edit CircuitPython code. Mu works on multiple platforms and it has built-in functionality to work with Adafruit boards as well as micro:bit, PyGame, and Python 3.

Python 3 Mode Cheat Sheet

In December, 2018, Jon Mayland posted a cheat sheet for using Mu in Python 3 Mode, Various menu items are listed and some keyboard shortcuts.

Click this link here to see his tweet with the images!

CircuitPython Mode Cheat Sheet

The sheet below is patterned after the Python 3 mode sheet but is tailored towards the CircuitPython mode in Mu. Mu in Adafruit CircuitPython Mode does not have debug features but it does have serial and REPL capability. Here is Adafruit's CircuitPython mode sheet and file links:

See the next page for the source files in PowerPoint.

Only the Adafruit generated CircuitPython mode cheat sheet is available as a source file. It was generated in Microsoft PowerPoint. The PPTX version is for PowerPoint newer than 2003, the PPT version is for PowerPoint 95-2003.

The files are released under an MIT License.

PowerPoint newer than 2003 (PPTX)

PowerPoint 2003 and older (PPT)

This guide was first published on Dec 04, 2018. It was last updated on Dec 04, 2018.