3D Printed Mount for CRICKIT

Do you want to secure the CRICKIT board to your project? Then this mount is for you! This 3D printed mount is a general, multi-purpose mount designed to house the CRICKIT PCB with M3 machine screws. It features slots for attaching to surfaces and things. The low-profile design has openings for all of the various ports and terminal blocks allowing room for cables and wires.

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Additional Hardware

You'll want to get some extra screws and hex nuts for securing the PCB to the mount and attaching to other things. Here's a list of M3 metric hardware you'll need. 

1 x M3 x .5mm x 6mm Machine Screws
Phillips Metric Pan Head Screws
1 x M3 x .5mm Hex Nuts
Metric Hex Jam Nuts
1 x Tripod Screw Insert
Camera and Tripod 3/8" to 1/4" Adapter Screw
1 x M3 Threaded Inserts
Brass Threaded Insert Nuts 100PCS
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