Pre-fasten Motor Mount

Fasten 4x M3 (6mm long) screws into the top of the motor mount – The top is the surface with the chamfered mounting holes. The screws should have a semi-loose tolerance.

Secure Stepper Motor to Mount

Fit the mount over the stepper motor. Orient the motor so the wires are positioned like it is in the photo. Fasten the 4x M3 screws until fully tightened to secure the mount to the stepper motor.


Install Motor Mount Support

Grab the slider-motor-support.stl part and place it under the motor mount. Position the mount so the mounting holes line up to match the photo. Insert and fasten 2x M4 machine screws into the mounting holes.

Secure Motor Mount Support

While holding the support mount in place, insert 2x hex nuts and fasten until fully tightened. The mounting holes are slotted and adjustable for adding more tension to the belt.

Install Rail Mount to Motor Mount

The rail mount features a recessed area for a hex nut. Insert a hex nut and hold it in place. The hex nut is loose, so you'll need to hold it up right so it doesn't fall out while fastening to the motor mount.

Secure Rail Mount

Place the rail mount onto the motor mount. Insert and fasten an M4 screw through the top of the motor mount. The screw should go through the two mounts with the hex nut securing them together. Repeat this process for the second mounting hole.

Motor Subassembly

The stepper motor subassembly should look like this. Both the rail mount and the support mount feature slotted holes for adjusting the tension of the belt – This can be done later on the assembly.

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This page (Stepper Motor Assembly) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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