Circuit Diagram

To build the camera slider with the Adafruit Motor Shield V2 for Arduino, wire the components together as shown in the diagram above.

  • Connect Arduino VIN to Bluefruit LE SPI VIN pin
  • Connect Arduino GND to Bluefruit LE SPI GND pin
  • Connect Arduino D13 to Bluefruit LE SPI SCK pin
  • Connect Arduino D12 to Bluefruit LE SPI MISO pin
  • Connect Arduino D11 to Bluefruit LE SPI MOSI pin
  • Connect Arduino D8 to Bluefruit LE SPI CS pin
  • Connect Arduino D7 to Bluefruit LE SPI IRQ pin
  • Connect Arduino D6 to Bluefruit LE SPI RST pin

The diagram above shows the wiring for NEMA-17 size stepper. Connect the four wires from the stepper to motor outputs on M3 and M4.

An 8 x AA battery pack will supply the necessary 12V to the Arduino Uno via a 2.1mm barriel jack.

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