Take a moment to review the components in the circuit diagram. This illustration is meant for referencing wired connections - the length of wire, position and size of components are not exact.

Note that in order to drive the 64x64 dot matrix display, you must connect GPIO pins 4 and 18.

RGB Matrix Bonnet connects to the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The 2.1mm Male DC adapter and will need to be 150mm long.

Wiring diagram

While it is okay to use a single power supply to feed both RPI and matrix display, it is important that the throughput is powerful enough.

5v 10A switching power supply is plenty for this project.

5V 10A switching power supply brick with IEC power port.
This is a beefy switching supply, for when you need a lot of power! It can supply 5V DC up to 10 Amps, running from 110V or 220V power (the plug it comes with is for US/Canada/Japan...

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