Time to test the extractor wiring with the battery and lamp attached. The circuitry will be installed in the enclosure after all tests have passed.

  • Plug the battery into the PowerBoost's battery connector, red wire on the left, black wire on the right.
  • Flip the on/off switch to the on position. The fan should start to spin and the PowerBoost's blue LED will glow.
  • Wait for the fan to stop spinning then re-trigger it by passing your hand in front of the motion sensor.
  • If the PowerBoost's blue LED is not lit or if the red LED is glowing, then the battery may need to be recharged before conducting the circuitry test.
  • Plug the reading lamp into the USB-A panel connector and turn on the lamp's built-in power switch. The lamp should light. Run the extractor circuitry through a motion detection cycle. The lamp should stay lighted even when the fan is not running.
  • The final test of the extractor circuitry is to test battery charging. Plug a charging cable into the micro USB panel connector. The PowerBoost's yellow LED should glow, indicating that the battery is charging.
  • Turn the reading lamp off, then flip the extractor's on/off switch to the off position. The yellow lamp should continue to glow while the battery charges. 
Here's the decoder ring for the PowerBoost's LEDs: Blue when power is on; Yellow whenever the battery is charging; Green when the battery is fully charged; Red when the battery is low.

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