To make it easier to drill holes in the enclosure, we'll use a two paper drilling guides. These are printed from two actual-size .pdf files, cut out with scissors, taped where corners are needed, and temporarily glued to the enclosure to locate drill bits accurately when making holes. One drilling guide is used for the front panel. The other covers the rear panel and the adjacent four sides. They look like those in the photo when they're ready to be glued to the enclosure.

  • Download, open, and print the two drilling templates.
  • Print actual size using the automatic portrait/landscape or the landscape orientation option.
  • Carefully cut out each guide template using a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Fold the sides/rear panel guide to create a box shape that will slip over the rear panel of the enclosure. 
  • The front panel guide will not need to be folded.
  • To get a straight and sharp fold, use a ruler as a guide. Place the ruler along a fold line and lift the side to be folded.
  • With the ruler still in place, crease with your fingernail to define the fold.
  • Draw the edge of the ruler along the creased fold. This will further establish the crease and will make it sharp and straight. Repeat this folding technique for all four sides and the side attachment ears.
  • Fold the sides up to form a box shape. Tape the insides and outsides of the corners.

In the next section, the two guides will be glued to the enclosure. After that we'll do some drilling.

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