Using the motion sensor is pretty easy. You just make sure everything is on and motion causes the outlet to turn on and begin counting down. If no motion is detected, it will turn off, otherwise the timer will reset.

Start by mounting your FunHouse motion sensor in a location where you want the motion sensing to take place. A set of magnetic feet can be really useful for this.

Plug in an appliance such as a fan into one of the outlets labeled normally OFF.

Make sure the Power Switch is in the On position for both the outlet and the appliance. The Power LED should be lit.

If you connected using Home Assistant, wait until it is connected and the circle turns green.

When the FunHouse senses motion, the lights should light up green and a timer should start counting down as soon as it stops sensing movement.

If you move around, the timer will reset to the full time.

Once the timer reaches 0, the DotStars should turn red and the outlet should turn off.

If you would like to test your setup without standing still for 5 minutes, you can change the timeout to a lower value.

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