Follow the MONSTER M4SK Guide to ensure your M4SK is working properly, and get the eyes configured the way you want them.

Change of Eyes

If you'd like to duplicate the glowing red irises from the photos here, choose the "skull" set from the "Ready-Made Graphics" section of that guide.

Stock STEMMA cable to camera board

There's nothing to prep on the stock STEMMA cable.

Follow the AMG8833 Guide to add a header strip to the camera breakout board.

You only need to solder the headers on the bottom row (VIN through INT).

Then plug the wires into the camera board as follows:

  1. Red to VIN
  2. 3Vo, no wire connected
  3. Black to GND
  4. White to SDA
  5. Green to SDC

(The photo shows different connectors - but the colors and placement are correct.)

That's it - you can go to the next step.

Making your own cable to connect to the camera board

If the STEMMA cable is out of stock, you can make your own cable.

To make a cable, you'll need these parts for the M4SK end:

1 x 4 Position Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle (Digi-Key)
The female socket for a 4-pin JST-PH (aka STEMMA) plug
4 x Socket Contact Tin 24-28 AWG Crimp (Digi-Key)
Crimp pins to go around the wires and insert into the plug (buy more, you'll mangle at least one)
1 x Crimping pliers
The easiest tool for crimping many kinds of connectors to wires

Crimp the pins onto the wires, and insert the wires into the housing. Be sure to attach the wires in this order at the M4SK end (left-to-right as you look into the end of the plug, with the polarizing fins up):

  1. Black, GND
  2. Red, V+
  3. White, SDA
  4. Green, SDC

For the other end of the cable, that goes to the camera breakout board, you have options:

  • You can solder a polarized header to the camera board, and attach a matching plug to the cable wires. This is the most reliable option.
  • For the simplest and quickest build, solder the wires directly to the camera board.

No matter how you make the connection, the wire order on the camera board side is:

  1. Red to VIN
  2. 3Vo, no wire connected
  3. Black to GND
  4. White to SDA
  5. Green to SDC

These Molex parts will give you a securely polarized connection:

5 x Non-Gendered Contact Tin 22-30 AWG Crimp (Digi-Key)
Standard Molex KK crimp pins for 22 AWG wire
1 x Connector Header Through Hole 5 position 0.100" (Digi-Key)
Polarized 5-pin maile Molex KK header

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