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Time display

This video is short but sweet, showing the display animation and how the time changes.

Date display

Pressing SET or + will temporarily display the date. Feb 19 looks like this in US mode:
And like this in EU mode:
Next the clock will display the full year:


The clock has a 2.1mm DC positive tip jack for power. Inside is a 7805 regulator so you can input 7-18VDC (we suggest 9VDC). There is a DC blocking diode so you shouldn't be able to damage the kit with a bad power supply unless its 20VDC or something!


There are three buttons, MENU, SET, and + for configuring the clock, snoozing and displaying the date.

If the alarm is going off, pressing a button will enter snooze mode.

Otherwise, pressing SET or + will display the date and then year instead of the time.

Pressing MENU will enter the configuration menu (see below for full tutorial on each configuration).


The MONOCHRON can act as an alarm clock! To turn on the alarm, flip the switch on the right side of the clock. When the LED is on the alarm is active, when the LED is off the alarm is off (easy to remember!)
If the alarm is going off, the piezo will beep loudly and the display will flash. You can turn off the alarm by flipping the alarm switch on the side.

If you press a button, that will put the clock into Snooze mode which will stop the beeping but keep flashing. After 10 minutes, the snooze will end and the alarm will continue to beep!

Contrast adjust

There is a slot on the side of the clock to allow adjusting of the display, use any screw driver to change the constrast to your liking. You can also change the backlight brighness.

Configuring the clock

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