Neater power cord

The mod!

This will make your clock look a little nicer. You'll need to cut and solder the cable direct but it's an easy mod.

Lets go!

First, take off the back of the clock by gently prying the top and pulling it off. Get your power supply too. Make sure it's not plugged in.
Cut off the end of the power supply. Of course, it shouldn't be plugged in at this time!
Pull the two wires apart, sometimes cutting with nippers helps you get started
Strip off the ends, maybe a 1/2 inch or so.
Tin the wires with solder, then trim them to 1/4"
Use a multimeter to verify which wire is ground and which is +9V
Thread the wire through the back of the case
Solder the wires directly to the DC jack.
Now remove the bottom of the case (with the printing) and start sliding the back on, adjusting the cable as necessary.

Once you're done you can slip the bottom in by pulling gently on the acrylic sides to pop it in.

Attach the back screws and you're done!

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