Other firmwares

The MONOCHRON was explicitly designed to allow users to create their own firmware for the clock using our code design. Here are some firmware clocks you can check out right now!

To update the firmware on your clock you'll need either an AVR programmer (such as a USBtinyISP or STK500 or AVRISP, etc) or an FTDI cable (which allows you to upload via the onboard bootloader.

To do so, first download the firmware (click on Download Source in GitHub). Then install an AVR toolchain. Then go to the firmware directory using a terminal (such as the DOS command line, Terminal for MacOS X or xterm) and type in make to build the .hex. Attach the programmer to tbe back of the kit via the 6 pin cable so that the red wire is at the top. You can use the left-over 6-pin connector and just 'press fit' it, tilting a little to make good contact. If you have a USBtinyISP you can then just type in make program and hit return. If you have another AVR programmer, edit the makefile to change the programmer and port to whatever you've got.


If you're interested in developing clocks for monochron, here's an emulator that you can use on Debian/Linux for fast development!
There's also a fresh version of the firmware, much cleaned up and easier to develop with than my code ;)


Like all of the clocks shown? Try the MULTICHRON! Comes with 6 clocks and 3 modes! by Dataman

Version 1.1 Is our current release:

  • RATTChron - Retro Acrade Tabel Tennis
  • IntruderChron - Retro Space Intruder Game
  • SevenChron - Seven Segment LCD Display
  • XDaliChron - XWindows DaliClock
  • TSChron - Times Square Chron, Like the Big Clock in Times Square
  • About Screen - Retro Star Wars looking credits
  • GPS Setup - MODERN! GPS Configuration and Debug dialog. Setup Info Here.
  • Random Mode - Choosed a different clock randomly each time the display is started
  • Rotate Mode - Rotates through a new clock every 15 minutes.

Download the source from Github


Retro arcade style table tennis for two...the clock!
These was a mixup in GitHub, for now please download the latest firmware HEX via this forum link.


“Dali Clock is a digital clock. When a digit changes, it “melts” into its new shape. The date is displayed when the + button is pressed."
Code at GitHub Click Download Source to get it all.


A simple 7-segment display clock
Code at GitHub Click Download Source to get it all.


Enemy Alien Intruders attack! by Dataman

Code available at GitHub Click Download Source to get it all.

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