Enclosure assembly

Case it!

In this step we'll take the assembled kit and case it up for display!


You should have 6 pieces, poke out any pieces of plastic so that they're clean. For the speaker 'grille' you can use a pen/pencil/tack/paperclip.
Peel off the backings.

Sides and front

The first part is a bit tricky, but here is a good way to go about it. Screw 4 screws from the back into the standoffs. Dont go all the way, this is just to keep the standoffs in place.

Put the sides on. Make sure youve got them so the printing is on the outside.

Now (perhaps with help from a friend if this is difficult) slide the front down onto the sides.
Once the front is in place, grab a spacer with pliers, and hold it between the case front and PCB while you feed in a machine screw to keep it in place.

Thread it in a little so it grabs the display PCB.

Annoyingly, the display has holes that are just a tiny bit too small for 4-40s, so you may find theres some resistance to screwing the front on. Just don't keep pushing hard after the screw gets to be flush with the front.

If the back screws are in the way, undo them a little at a time.

If the standoff starts to come away, hold it with your thumb and rotate it so it sits flush.

Once the screw is sitting flush, stop. Don't force it or the acrylic could crack.
Repeat x 4. Undo the back screws after you're done.


Now carefully turn the kit so that the battery is facing up. If you haven't inserted the battery do so now, the clock requires the battery to function!

Gently pull the two sides out so that you can slide in the bottom piece and have it held 'in place' by the notches on the side. The bottom piece is symmetric but we would appreciate it if you put the side with the name of the kit on the outside!


Now carefully turn the kit over to the 'top'

Gently pull the two sides out so that you can slide in the bottom piece and have it held 'in place' by the notches on the side. The piece is symmetric but make sure the third tab is sticking out.


Finally, slide the back piece on. You can flip it so that the FTDI and ISP hints are showing or not.
Finally, with a flathead screwdriver or similar, gently gently pry the back piece up while pushing it so that it snaps into place. Don't pry too hard, just enough to get the piece on.

Screw on the 4 remaining bolts to keep the kit together! Don't overtighten, just tighen until the screws wont come loose.

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