This wiring diagram is only for the older 0.96" OLED that comes with a level shifter chip. If you did not get a level shifter chip, you have a V2.0 so please check out the other wiring tutorial!

128x64 Version 1.0 OLED

The version 1 128x64 OLED runs at 3.3V and does not have a built in level shifter so you'll need to use a level shifting chip to use with a 5V microcontroller. The following will assume that is the case. If you're running a 3.3V microcontroller system, you can skip the level shifter.
We'll assume you want to use this in a breadboard, take a piece of 0.1" header 10 pins long.
Place the header in a breadboard and then place the left hand side of the OLED on top.
And solder the pins
We'll be using the internal charge pump so connect VDD and VBAT together (they will connect to 3.3V)GND goes to ground.
Place a CD4050 level shifter chip so pin one is at the top.
Connect pin 10 to D/C pin 12 to CLK (SPI clock) and pin 15 to DAT (SPI data).
Connect pin 2 to RES (reset) and pin 4 to CS (chip select). Pin 1 goes to 3.3V and pin 8 to ground.

(Note: If using the display with other SPI devices, D/C, CLK and DAT may be shared, but CS must be unique for each device.)
You can connect the inputs of the level shifter to any pins you want but in this case we connected digital I/O 13 to pin 3 of the level shifter, 12 to pin 5, 11 to pin 9, 10 to pin 11 and to pin 14. This matches the example code we have written. Once you get this working, you can try another set of pins.

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