For now, we saw how to access this interface from your computer or your phone, from anywhere … in your home.

Which is already nice, but it would be even better if you knew how to access this project from anywhere in the world. Wouldn’t it be cool to just access your home automation projects from wherever you are in the world, to check for example the picture recorded by the camere module? This is actually quite simple, and I will show you how.

We will use a simple tool called Ngrok to do so. This tool will basically make a tunnel between your Raspberry Pi & a remote server, so you can access your interface from anywhere. The first step is to download Ngrok:

Then, put the files in a folder, and access this folder via a terminal on your Raspberry Pi. Then, type:

./ngrok 3000

This will open the connection between the Raspberry Pi and the Ngrok server, as shown in the confirmation messages:

You can now try it out and type the URL that is given to you in your browser. You should see the same interface as before, meaning you can control your system from anywhere in the world!

One last word: be careful with this. Right now anyone can access this interface with the right URL, and now it is just connected to a relay that is actually not connected to anything, but don’t do this if your whole alarm system is connected to the Raspberry Pi! In this case, you better put a solid login/password system on your server so that only you can access it.

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