Use a drill bit that is just slightly bigger than the inner hole of the tiny rivet.
You can drill fast... but don't press hard. Also, try not to get any of the gear grease on this contact.
If lady-luck is with you, you'll produce a tiny doughnut; the rim of the rivet. As soon as you see that come off... STOP DRILLING!
With the rivet top removed, you can pull the end-stop off and set it aside.
These bits on the shaft makes the potentiometer work... some of it will have to go.
These little bumps in the potentiometer housing also help prevent continuous rotation. Many of the other hacks I've seen just have you break a chunk off... and re-assemble the servo. Compromising the structure of the housing can lead to all kinds of poor outcomes.
This... is a better way to fly. The foil contact and limiter are pressed into place - give them a little wiggle towards the gears and they should come right off.
Now that you have a little more room, dig-in and snip them both off without marring the shaft.
The foil contact comes off without a fight... you'll need a good pair of snips to get the limiter off.

Time to remove those knobs we mentioned earlier.

Put the shaft back on with a smidge of petroleum jelly.
Put the shaft end-stop back into place... and fire-up your soldering iron.

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