The software program for communicating with the MintyMP3 player is written in java and tested on linux & w2k. God willing it will work on Solaris & MacOS. Right now it's talking plain serial so machines without serial ports (like Macs) will need a USB adaptor. Yeah, I'm planning on adding a USB port since everything has USB. Stop harrassing me! (V2 has a mini-b USB port and a serial to usb chip.)

Java Setup

You'll need to get the CommAPI from Sun. If you're running LinuxOS you'll also need the RXTX interface api for the CommAPI so that you can mess with the serial port.

So, first install whatever Java Runtime Environment you know and love, then the CommAPI, then you can run MintyComm.

How to "Use"

Start up the program by executing java MintyComm (or java -noverify MintyComm under Linux). Set the serial ports to whatever you have the mp3 player hooked up to, probably COM1 or COM2 and at a speed of 115kbps with 8 data bits, No parity, 1 Stop bit (8N1). There is a 4 second timeout before the player starts playing so hit Open Port and then turn on the mp3 player. You may want to see that the MP3 player serial port is working by plugging it in and using HyperTerminal to see if you get anything like:
Minty Mp3! v1 3/25/2004
Resetting Card..
# bytes/sectors: 512
# sectors/cluster: 4
# reserved sectors: 1
# FATs: 2
# / entries: 512
FAT starts at sector 0x0021
/ starts at sector 0x00000000020b
STA Reset
Found STA013
setting volume to -8 dB
waiting for char

Once connected it will display on the right the files on the compact flash card. You can then select local files on the left side and upload (>>>) them or delete files on the player. Note that uploading/downloading is really slow, on the order of 10KB/s. Eit. The microcontroller is the bottleneck, so it's not like USB would be any faster.

It's ugly, and it barely works, but it does work! I wouldn't interrupt a transfer in the middle, since it doesn't restart uploads (yet).


You can also connect to the mp3 player via serial port and a terminal program. Hit the keyboard when prompted to get to the mp3> menu. You can send it a bunch of commands to query/reset/enable/disable/initialize/test/etc. the hardware. See the firmware code mp3.c for the full menu.


The code is clobbered from the FileTree and SerialDemo code by Sun. It was written in 5 hours, I refuse to explain what I was thinking.

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