Is this for real?
Yes. Minty is a fully functioning mp3 player.
I have never soldered anything, should I try building a Minty?
You'll probably give up in frustration. This is an advanced project, for people with at least 1 year of smt soldering experience. There are other, much easier mp3 player projects out there. (See also q. #5)
Dude! This is cheaper than an iPod Shuffle! I'm totally going to build this!
Actually it's not, once you buy all the parts, with shipping and buy a CF card...chances are it'll run you $100 or more and that's -assuming- you own all the tools already!
Well that's stupid, why should I spend 5 hours building something when its cheaper to buy it?
Minty is an open source hardware project, partially to gauge whether it is possible to design and maintain such projects and whether people are interested in working on open source hardware. I do not expect people to try building it.
Will you sell kits?
Nope! This is a pre-Adafruit-kit project
How do I....?
Have you looked here or here?
Hey, there's a mistake...
Probably...the instructions aren't foolproof, and this is a very old project
I successfully built a Minty!
Really? Send us a picture & I'll put it up!

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