You can always get the BOM from the board by exporting it from Eagle. I HIGHLY suggest you look at the PCB thru Eagle to get a sense of where the components are as they change in minor revisions.

Also, if you want something easier, try Super Simple MP3 or you can even buy kits for the portable YAMPP-7 via JELU.


This is probably not packaged up correctly, if something is not working please post to the forums so it will be repaired
  • Version 1.1 (non-USB) PCB in EagleCad format (free PCB layout program)
  • Version 1.1 (matching above) Firmware in PICC format (with HEX and ASM) for 20MHz 18(L)F452
  • Version "1.1" (but really V0.000001) Java software for uploading over serial port at 115Kbps
  • The Tiny Bootloader I's quite nice...this is the HEX file I use for 20MHz and 19.2kbs communication. Its not necessary, but it is nice.

Enjoy more!

This is version 2, which is 'supported' and seems to work well, it includes USB. There are some pin changes so you can't mix firmware and pcb revs. I doubt I'll make any more changes other than bugfixes.
  • V2.3.1 PCB Files in Eagle 4.11 format (free software available for Win, Linux, and very soon MacOSX) with minor 'cosmetic' fixes that also includes a corrected BOM.
  • MIT-licensed (a derivative of the BSD license) V2 firmware & HEX file (now with subdirectory handling!)
  • The 29.491mhz tinybld bootloader HEX and asm file (for MPLAB assembler)

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