Fresh Breath, Fresh Tunes, Fresh Design

Tired of not being able to find cases for your projects? Stuck with those hideous ABS plastic RadioShack boxes? Try those ubiquitous tin boxes, not only do they block EMI, they come with free mints! Fresh breath and fresh design in one.


The Minty MP3 player can be built from parts that are sold at Ye Olde Traditional electronics distributor (digikey/mouser/newark). Half of the parts can be sampled for free, for a minimal total cost of $25 for parts, and $25 for a PCB. And the case is soooo Minty!*

* Do not eat MintyMP3

Fresh Breath and ATA+FAT16

Works with your favorite compact flash card, currently in trashy-revision v.1 mode. Amaze your friends! Upload files via stunningly slow 115kb/s. Or cannibalize the code for FAT16 handling (create/delete/read files).


Unlike some other mp3 players, this one comes with a 3.3v boost regulator (for running off of 1 or 2 alkaline or rechargeable batteries) and an FM transmitter, for when you're on that road trip to Canada and you forgot your #@&*ing tape-adapter dongle thingy. Also, a really cool volume control button.

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