OK, now you're ready to put it in the case. Go buy a tin of Altoid gum, and eat them or give them to your friends. I think they're disgusting so don't send them to me.
Note that Altoids has discontinued the gum. However, we did manage to find a source of gum-sized tins and we have them in the store (see the link to the right)
You'll need the MintyBoost kit, an empty gum tin, a pair of tinsnips and two pieces of doublesided foam sticky tape (the tape is included in the kit).
Cut two notches in the end of the tin, just about where the flat part ends and the tin starts to round out.
Now you want to bend the flap back and forth to break it off, if you're careful you can bend it in more than out which will make it round into the tin, one less sharp edge.
Try a test fit. Slide the board in first, then fit the battery pack in. Don't put the batteries in for this test! The circuit board could short against the tin and destroy the circuit!

Once you're happy, remove the electronics and put the doublesided sticky foamtape on both the circuit board and the battery holder.

Remember to make sure no pin or parts or leads are sticking out and can touch the tin.

Use duct, foam or, electrical tape to protect the circuit. Clip your leads short so they dont poke through the foam. You can easily destroy the circuit by being sloppy here.

You're done! Remember that because the boost chip uses virtually no power, you dont have to remove the batteries to turn off the MintyBoost. Just plug and unplug devices whenever you want.
Here is a hack that was sent in by KRHAiNOS, for making the mintyboost more sturdy, click to see the large version of the image.

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