Install Windows Drivers

If you are using Windows, you'll need to install the USB driver for the MiniPOV4.

Drivers are only required for Windows, if you are using a Mac or Linux, drivers are not required!

For details on installing the drivers for Windows XP, 7, 8 etc... please read this page!

Turn off the MiniPOV4 and plug in the USB port to a USB cable and your computer. Now turn on the MiniPOV4. You should get this popup (or similar)
Once recognized, windows will ask you for a driver location. Point it at the uncompressed zip file. When done, you will be able to see the USBtiny device in the Device manager (you can get to the device manager from the Control Panel)
Mac users do not need any driver installation!

Download Software

Once you know the MiniPOV is blinking right, we can upload brand new images! Start by downloading the MiniPOV4 programming software. Uncompress the zip file and save it to your desktop!
Processing v3 is not suported, use v2.0.3!
You'll also need a copy of Processing - a graphics framework we'll be using to do all the image conversion. You can grab Processing for free here - please download version 2.0.3

In addition, please download the controlP5 library for processing you can download it directly by clicking below
Run Processing once and then quit. This will create the processing sketchbook folder.
Now you will have to install the ControlP5 library. Start by unzipping/uncompressing the folder you downloaded. Inside will be two folders, one called controlP5 and one file with install instructions. Follow the install instructions, for windows & mac users, go to your Documents Folder and find the new Processing subfolder in there
Create a new folder in there called libraries

Inside that folder, place the ControlP5 folder
So filewise, you will have My Documents/Processing/libraries/ControlP5/ (and the other library files!)

Whew. Now make sure you quit any copies of Processing and start it up again from scratch. Open up the uncompressed MiniPOV4 Image Converter pde file
Select the Sketch->Run menu item to start it up!
Click Open Image File to load a new 8-pixel tall PNG file - lets use the minipov4test.png
Click Download To Minipov4 to send the image over. You will see the LEDs light up red/green/blues as the download completes

If there's a problem

If you get an error message, check: is the MiniPOV kit turned on and plugged into USB? remember you need to turn it on with batteries in when its plugged into USB!

Make your own images!

Use your favorite image software to create your own images. For best results, make sure its 8-pixels tall, and 8-bit color. Save as a PNG file if possible. Remember that black pixels are "LEDs off" and white pixels are "LEDs on"

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