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AVRDUDE programming software for USB-Serial adapters

If you have an onboard serial port (like a PC or some laptops) you can just use the default install of AVRDUDE. However, if you have a Mac or laptop or PC without a serial port and you want to use a USB/Serial adaptor then you should upgrade the default install with these files. Then you can specify a slow-down delay necessary to make it work with such adaptors.
To download non-modified AVRDUDE programming software, please follow the instructions of the Software page.

USB/Serial converter driver

If you're using the PL2303-chipset adaptor on a MacOS X machine, download this driver and install it, NOT the one that comes with the device!


Here is a zip file with all the firmware (hex and source and Makefile)


Here are the EagleCAD schematic and board layout files!

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