Serial POV!

This project is the third revision of the MiniPOV. This version is nearly identical to the last version, MiniPOV2 but uses the serial port (possibly with a USB/Serial converter) instead of a parallel port, for programming. Because the programmer is built into the kit, one does not need a special "microcontroller programmer". This version can be used with PCs (Linux/Unix or Windows) and Macs (running MacOS X and with a USB/serial converter).

I intend this project to be an ideal starting place for anyone who would like to:
  1. learn how to solder
  2. learn how to assemble simple kits
  3. learn how to program microcontrollers
  4. make blinky stuff
Kits are available which provide all the components necessary to build & get going.

This guide was first published on Jul 17, 2013. It was last updated on Jul 17, 2013.

This page (Overview) was last updated on Mar 11, 2013.

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