The Mini Weather Station depends on you adding your WiFi and OpenWeatherMaps token to fetch JSON weather data.

Plug your Feather board into your computer via a known good data + power USB cable. Your board should show up as a thumb drive in your File Explorer / Finder (depending on your operating system) named CIRCUITPY.

Create a file with the name settings.toml in the root directory of the CIRCUITPY drive.

Add the following below:

The file should contain the keys CIRCUITPY_WIFI_SSID,  CIRCUITPY_WIFI_PASSWORD, CIRCUITPY_WEB_API_PASSWORD,  and OPENWEATHER_KEY. You must also include your state and country initials with the LOCATION key. 

Once these are defined, CircuitPython will automatically connect to the network and start the webserver used for the workflow.

The web server is on port 80 unless overridden by CIRCUITPY_WEB_API_PORT. It also enables MDNS.

Here is an example settings.toml:

# To auto-connect to WiFi

# For OpenWeather API

# To enable modifying files from the web. Change this too!
# Leave the User field blank in the browser.


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