Circuit Diagram

Wire Connections

Follow the circuit diagram above to reference the wires are connected. You will need to solder wires to the Trellis PCB and 4 potentiometers. Use male jumper on the Trellis wires to easily connect to the headers on the Leonardo.

The Trellis PCB will have 4 wires, SDA, SCL, GND and 5V that will connect the SDA, SCL, GND and 5V pins on the Arduino Leonardo.

The 4 pots have common ground and 5V power in series. The middle terminals connect the the A0-A3 pins on the Arduino Leonardo.

Install Trellis Library to Arduino

In order to control the trellis with the Arduino Leonardo, you will need to install the Trellis Arduino Library. Download Arduino IDE. Download the zip file below. Add the folder to ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/. Extract it and rename the folder to Adafruit_Trellis. Restart the Arduino IDE. Goto File > Examples and check to see if Adafruit_Trellis is listed. If it is, move on to the next page!
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