Add Tray to Enclosure frame

Position the tray over the frame and orient it so that the mounting holes are lined up precisely. You'll notice two sets of holes are positioned slightly different.

Install Tray to Enclosure frame

Insert the mini-oontz-tray.stl part into the mini-oontz-frame.stl with one end sliding in first. Make sure to line up the holes.

Install Trellis PCB to Tray

Position and rotate the Trellis so that the numbers are upright with the opening for the potentiometers. Group the jumper cables from the trellis and pull them through one of the opening of the tray.

Secure Trellis to Tray

Place the Trellis down into the tray and snap it into place.

Install Elastomers to Trellis PCB

Grab the 4x4 silicone elastomers and position them over the Trellis PCB. Orient the keypad so that the "nubs" are inserting into the holes on the Trellis.

Insert Pot Wires into Enclosure

Group the jumper wires from the potentiometers and fit them through the top large opening of the enclosure. This gap is appropriately sized to fit the 4 pots.

Add Cover to Enclosure Frame

Position the mini-oontz-cover.stl over the mini-oontz-frame.stl with the mount holes lined up.

Secure Cover to Enclosure Frame

Place the cover down onto the frame and snap it shut. Use 6 #6-32 1/2' flat phillips screws to secure the cover to the frame.

Secured Enclosure and Cover

Yey! The 6 screws keep the Trellis PCB and 4 potentiometers secured inside the enclosure.

Add Leonardo to Bottom

Place the Leonardo over the mini-oontz-bottom.stl part and make sure the mount holes line up.

Mount Arduino Leonardo to Bottom

Use 4 #6-32 x 1/2' to secure the Leonardo board to the bottom cover.

Connect Trellis+Pot jumper wires to Arduino Leonardo

Position the frame with the mounted cover towards the Arduino board. Make sure the openings are lines up to allow for the power jack and USB micro port. Connect the male jumper wires to the appropriate pins on the header of the Leonardo.
  • SCL to SLC
  • SDA to SDA
  • GND to GND
  • 5V to 5V
Connect the GND and 5V jumper cables from the master potentiometer to the a spare GND on the Leonardo. The 5V jumper cable will need to share a spot with 5V Trellis jumper cable. You can easily remove the plastic end of the 5V jumper cable of the master pot, bend the terminal and insert it on top of the jumper of the Trellis.

Line up Bottom with Enclosure

Ensure the orientation of the Leonardo is lined up with the enclosure so that the USB port has an opening.

Secure Bottom to Enclosure Frame

With all the jumper cables connected, snap the enclosure to the frame. Use 4 #6-32 1/2' flat phillips screws to secure the two pieces together.

Potentiometer Knobs

You can 3D print your own knobs or get some neat ones on the internets. I picked up 1/2' pot knobs from RadioShack.

Little Rubber Bumper Feet

Keep your mini UNTZtrument from going barefoot, give them little rubber feet! These small sticky bumpers are our favorite accessory for any electronic kit or device. They are sticky, but not impossible to remove.

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