3D Printed Parts

All you need are these seven parts to get started:

  • Case
  • 4 hinges
  • Keyboard case
  • Back cover

Slicer Settings

You can use the settings below as a reference. The parts are oriented in the center of the bed and ready to print "as is". They do not require any support material.







3 shells

3 top/bottom shells

50mms print speed

10% infill

total time for all parts should be about 6 hours.


These parts have been printed in PLA but should print without any problems in ABS or other materials like bamboo and metal filaments.

Hinge Assembly

The hinges print with no support material and are held together with a machine screw, nut and friction. You can adjust the tolerance by fastening the machine screw. 

Hinge Connections

The hinges connect like legos. Snap fit each to the screen and keyboard case. The hinge is modular, so you can use these on other projects.

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