• Mount the servo so that the shaft alingns with the pivot hole and attach with the two screws as shown.
  • Fit the single-armed eservo horn into the recess in the pan-base and attach it with one of the smallest screws.
  • Align the servo shaft from the tilt bracket with the hole in the servo horn.
  • Snap the tilt bracket into place, using a small screwdriver as a lever to lift the pivot hole over the pivot pin on the tilt-base.
Make sure that the tilt bracket can move through the full 180 degrees of servo motion. If not, detach it from the servo horn, rotate and re-install.
  • Complete the assembly by securing the horn to the shaft with a short screw.
Use one of the shorter screws to attach the base to the servo shaft. The longer mounting screws packed with some servos will damage the servo if screwed in too far.

But what about the leftover parts?

When you finish assembling the kit, you will have several machine screws, nuts and threaded inserts leftover.  These can be used to attach the base to your project.  Or you can save them in your parts-bin for future projects.

This guide was first published on Aug 04, 2015. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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