Hardware for PCBs

Use the following hardware to secure the LED matrix and Feather Sense to the PCB Mount.

  • 8x M2.5 x 10mm long screws
  • 8x M2.5 hex nuts

Install LED Matrix

Place the LED matrix over the PCB mounts with matching standoffs. Insert the M2.5 x 10mm long screws through the mounting holes and standoffs.

Secure LED Matrix

Use hex nuts to secure the LED matrix to the PCB mount. Reference the photos for correct orientation.

Install and Secure Feather

Place the Feather Sense over the remaining standoffs on the PCB mount. Line up the mounting holes and insert M2.5 x 10mm long screws through the holes. Use M2.5 hex nuts to secure the Feather to the PCB mount.

Install PCB Mount to Case

Orient the tabs from PCB mount with standoffs in the Case. Use M3 x 6mm screws to secure the PCB mount to the case.

Installed PCB Mount

Place the PCB mount into the case with the mounting tabs lined up with the standoffs.

Secure PCB Mount to Case

Insert and fasten M3 x 6mm long screws through the mounting tabs. The threads of the screw should self tap into the standoffs in the case.

Install Cover

The back cover is symmetrical so it can be installed in either orientation. Place the cover over the case and firmly press together to snap fit shut.

Final Build

Congratulations on building your Mini LED matrix audio visualize! 

This guide was first published on Oct 06, 2021. It was last updated on Jul 17, 2024.

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