Now for the best part - decorating your mini golf course! There are many ways you and upgrade and beautify your mini golf creation, below are three examples of fun additions.


This decorative archway makes an attractive entrance to your course.


Take 4-5 pipe cleaners. Bend the pipe cleaners into a "U" shape, adding a 90 degree bend at the ends.


Tape these in a line to the entrance to the course.


Pass the ball through the archway!

Furry windmill

To spruce up the windmill, as well as make it more challenging, a trail of furry yarn can be added to the tips of each blade.


First, use a screwdriver to remove your windmill blade from the motor hub.


Cut 20-30 pieces of yarn about 4-5 inches long. 


Tie a knot in each end.


Poke a series of holes in the end of your windmill blade (a skewer works well for this).


Using the tip of the skewer, push the yarn through to the other side.


Repeat this process until your windmill blade is sufficiently furry. The trailing bits of yarn aren't just pretty, they will throw your ball off course if you aren't careful!

Scary gate

If a gate coming slicing down isn't already intimidating, adding some personality to it certainly helps.


Use scissors to cut out a row of teeth along the bottom edge.


Use a marker to add a face of some sort (preferably one that looks like it means business).


A glue stick works well to stick googly eyes to cardboard. Add some glue to the back and press them down firmly for ~5 seconds to get a good bond.


You can have fun exploring many different designs for the gate obstacle. Let your imagination run wild!

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