Unboxing the box

Just about any medium sized cardboard box can work for this project. 

To prepare your box, first cut through any tape on the top and bottom so that the flaps are free.


Find the seam and gently pull it apart.


Unfold the box so it lies flat. 



Two-tier obstacle course

Cut off two flaps from one of the middle sections of the box. These flaps will be made into supports for our course.


Take these two flaps and cut about a 2 inch rectangle off the end.


Use scissors to make a 1 inch cut in the center of both pieces of cardboard.


Slot these two pieces together at 90 degrees to each other.


Press firmly together.


Now we have two free-standing supports! These will allow us to add a second level to our mini golf course.

Slide these two supports under the end of the unfolded box.

This forms the foundation of our mini golf course.

Obstacles can now be added onto the course! 

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