First up, we'll build the structure of the swing ride, starting with the circular top.

  • Cut out one of the faces from your medium-sized cardboard box. The face should be at least 25 x 25 cm.

  • Cut a piece of twine or string about 18cm long, tie it to the thumb tack, tie the other end of the string to a pencil. The distance from the tack to the pencil should be roughly 10 cm.

  • Use the string, tack and pencil to draw a circle on the cardboard. (Note: you may need to put an extra piece of cardboard under the thumb tack to make more steady when drawing circle)

  • Use a ruler to draw perpendicular lines going through the center of the circle.

  • Use a hobby knife to cut out the circle.

Prepare and measure circular top

  • Measure the diameter of your cylindrical base. The paper towel roll piece I used was roughly 4.4 cm in diameter.

  • From the center of the circle top, draw a mark that is half the diameter of your cylindrical base on all 4 lines.

  • Take your cylindrical base and make sure it fits right in with the marks you drew.

  • Lastly measure the distance from the edge of the circle top to the mark you just drew, divide by two and place a mark. Repeat on 3 other lines.

Make the swing tops

  • Cut (4), 5 cm pieces of string.

  • Cut (8), 20 cm pieces of string.

  • Cut out (4) 2X4cm pieces of cardboard.

  • Make a mark in the center of each of piece of cardboard on one side and two marks equidistant from each other on the other side.

  • Use a glue gun to glue the shorter strings to the marks made on the circle top.

  • Now glue the cardboard pieces to the string using the center mark you drew.

  • Glue the long strings to the equidistant marks you drew on the cardboard pieces.

* Tip: when gluing string or twine, it helps to bend the end you are gluing then glue down the entire bent portion of the string

Finish the swings

  • Cut out (4) 4 x 8 cm cardboard pieces

  • Cut out (4) 4 x 4 cm cardboard pieces, then cut each one diagonally so you have (8) 4 x 4 x ~5.66 cm pieces

  • Score one side of the larger pieces to fold at 90 degree angle.

  • Glue one of the smaller pieces on each side of the bent piece.

  • Glue string ends to chairs.


* Note: when gluing string ends to chairs, be aware of differing string lengths which may how upright each chair might sit naturally.



Attach cylinder and motor base wheel

  • Center the cylinder in the middle of marks drawn earlier and glue in place.

  • Center the motor wheel on the other end and glue in place.

  • Reenforce glue along the wheel and cylinder for a strong, sturdy connection.

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