Prepare the mounting box

  • Find the center of mounting box and draw a mark (if using Adafruit box, use the bottom of the box for mounting).
  • Take a pencil or pen and create a hole.

  • Place the motor down on hole with cables facing up. Place some pressure on the motor.

  • Create another hole where the cardboard is imprinted from the bottom piece of the motor.

* Note: These holes will be used to stabilize the motor to make it easier to mount in place.

Mount the motor!

  • Screw in one of the M3 screws to one side of the motor.

  • Fasten with hex nut on the back (inside of box).

  • Repeat with other side and end of motor.

* Tip: a pair of pliers is a big help when fastening a small hex nut 

Now attach the swing structure to the motor on the base! LOOKIN' GOOD.


  • Use a level on the circle top to see how level the swing ride is.

  • If it needs some adjusting, you can toss a small piece of cardboard under the motor to counterbalance the tilt.

  • You may have to temporarily unscrew some of the mounting screws to insert the cardboard piece.

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