Glitter Greatness

  • Glob the glitter glue all over the cylinder.

  • Use a popsicle stick to uniformly transfer the glitter all over the cylinder.

  • Follow the swirl of the cylinder with another color of glitter glue to create a "barber shop" effect.

  • Let the glue and glitter dry overnight.


  • Attach some plastic jewels or other decorations to the perimeter of the circle top.

  • Create a pattern and repeat all the way around the top. 

Adding Characters to Ride!

Click the button below to download a pdf of the characters used in the project. Or make your own!

  • Cut out character with scissors and glue to cardboard.

  • Cut out character from cardboard with hobby knife.

  • Cut out (4) 2 x 3 cm pieces of cardboard to glue to bottom of characters as a stand.

  • Cut out (8) 2 x 3 cm pieces of hook and loop tape (4 pieces of hook and 4 pieces of loop).

  • Place one hook piece on bottom of character.

  • Place the loop piece on a chair.

  • Repeat for all characters.


* Tip: Cut out character with scissors completely before glueing to cardboard and cutting out with hobby knife. Will end up more clean looking. 

Look at those Hooligans!

Adding Fruit Power

  • Cut out Adafruit logo using method from above.

  • Glue upright to center of circle top.

  • Add some glittery goodness!

Final Touch: Orient the Swings

You may find the swings do not all face one direction when done.

If you want to orient the swings to all face one direction:

  • Use a hot glue gun to put some glue on the small string at the top of the swing.

  • Twist and hold swing until the orientation is just right.

Enjoy your new swing ride & cardboard buddies!

Swing awaaaaaayyyyy!

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