The Macropad features hot-swap sockets for the switches -- gone are the days of having to commit to one type of switch and solder it down! Now, you can plug in your Cherry MX red keyswitches, use them for a while, get bored, decide its time to test out some lubed, filmed, re-sprung Invyr Holy Pandas, and swap them just like that!

Switches into Plate

First, insert a couple of keyswitches through the keyswitch plate. The plate mechanically connects the switches to each other, which lends some nice lateral stability to the keys.

Connect to Board

Carefully press the two switches into the switch sockets, being very careful to align the legs so none bend!

Add Switches

Continue adding switches, being mindful of their orientation.


You can add the optional backplate using four M3 x 6mm screws.


Now, you can add your keycaps! simply press them onto the keyswitch stems until they are fully seated.

This guide was first published on Aug 03, 2021. It was last updated on Jun 25, 2024.

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