Wiring the drummer is relatively easy. Feather connects to the Crickit board, and each solenoid connects to its own Crickit Drive port. Let's look take a closer look …

Connect the Feather & Crickit

Solder the included male header pins to your Feather board and attach it to the Crickit via the central female headers.

Connect solenoids

Each solenoid has two wires which need to be connected to the Crickit's Drive section. One of them needs to connect to the 5V port, and the other connects to one of the numbered Drive ports.

Note that the wires in the above diagram are colored for clarity. The actual solenoid wires are both black, indicating that can be connected either way.

The solenoid wires are short, so we'll need to extend them in order to reach a convenient Crickit location. I made my own extension cables with stranded wire and small male machine pins, but it's much easier to use JST cables. Just clip the female connectors off the JST cable and you've got a 500mm extension. 

Connect one wire from each solenoid to one of the Crickit's Drive ports as seen above.  Use a small phillips head screwdriver to secure each wire in place.

Next, you'll need to connect the four remaining solenoid wires to Crickit's 5V port. I used a small piece of wire to connect the 5V port to a 5-wire block connector - this turns one port into four. Alternatively - you could use a terminal block.

Connect power

Finally, connect the Crickit to the 5V wall supply, turn the Crickit on, and you're good to go.

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