Solenoid Holder

The solenoids are fitted into these holders and secured with M3 screws.

Install Solenoid

Install the solenoid into a holder by sliding it in with the piston fitting through the center hole. The mounting holes should be lined up with the holes on the side of the holder.

Install Linkage Plate

Place the plate over the solenoid holder with the mounting holes lined up.

Secure Plate to Holder

Insert and fasten 4x M3 x 6mm long screws to secure the plate to the solenoid holder.

Hardware for Base

M3 standoffs are used to elevate the solenoid. Taller standoffs allow for more height clearance. Choose the length of standoff you'll want to use for your setup. In this project, 10mm long M3 standoffs are used. 

Install Standoffs

Use M3 screws to install four M3 standoffs to the slots on the side of the base.

Secure Standoffs

Tightly fasten M3 screws to the standoffs.

Install Solenoid Holder to Base

Place the solenoid holder over the standoffs on the base. Line up the slot with the M3 standoffs.

Secure Solenoid Holder to Base

Install and fasten M3 screws over the slots on the solenoid holder.

Mallet Hardware

Super glue the two dome halves to make the head of the mallet. Glue the head to the mallet stick. The mallet is secured to the linkage using an M3 x 16mm long screw and lock nut (with nylon insert).

Secure Mallet Parts

Place the mallet stick over the linkage with the mounting holes line up. Reference the photo for best placement. Insert the M3 x 16mm long screws through both mallet stick and linkage. Insert and tightly fasten the M3 locknut.

Assembled Mallet and Linkage

Inspect the mallet and linkage to ensure installation is correct.

Installing Mallet to Solenoid Plate

The assembled mallet and linkage will be secured to the linkage plate on the solenoid holder using an M3 x 16mm long screw and locknut.

Install Linkage to Solenoid

Fit the linkage through the slit on the end of the solenoid with the large spring. Line up the mounting holes.

Secure Linkage

Insert the M3 x 16mm long screw through the mounting holes. The screw will go through both the solenoid and linkage. Install and tightly fasten the M3 locknut onto the thread of the screw.

Install Linkage to Plate

Line up the center hole on the linkage with the mounting holes on the linkage plate.

Secure Linkage to Plate

Insert the M3 x 16mm long screw through the holes in both the linkage plate and the linkage. Insert and tightly fasten the M3 locknut onto the thread of the screw.

Test Motion

Press the piston on the solenoid down to test out the mallet. It should actuate the mallet down and spring back when released. Loosen the locknut if the motion is too tight from the friction.

Degree of Rotation

The 12V solenoid features a push / pull of 10mm throw. The mallet has about 18º degrees of rotation.

Assembled Solenoid Mallet

Proceed to repeat this process for more solenoids. In this project, we created three sets of solenoid mallets.

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