Feather Headers

The Feather M4 Express and ULN2803A will be fitted onto a halfsize perma-proto PCB. In order to make them removable, the Feather will use female headers. The ULN2803A will snap onto a DIP socket.

Install Headers to Feather

A 12-pin and 16-pin strip of male headers are soldered to the pins on the Feather M4 Express.

Breadboard Helper

A breadboard can help assist by keeping the header pins in place while soldering.

Female Headers for Perma-Proto

Female headers are fitted onto male headers on the Feather M4 Express then fitted onto the Perma-Proto half size PCB. Note the placement of the Feather shows the USB port close to the edge. 

Mounting tack can be used to temporarily secure the female headers to the Perma-Proto PCB.

Solder Perma-Proto

Apply solder to all of the pins on the bottom of the Perma-Proto PCB. A panavise can help assist by holding the PCB in place while soldering.

Check Feather Headers

Carefully remove the Feather M4 Express by slowly pulling it out from the female headers. Check to ensure all of the pins have solid solder joints. 

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