Solenoid Mounting Parts

Get the parts and hardware ready for the mounting the solenoid to a piece of 2020 aluminum extrusion.

  • 2x M4 Slim t-nuts
  • 2x M4 x 8mm long screws
  • 2x M3 x 10mm long screws
  • 2x M3 hex nuts

Install Slim T-Nuts to Brackets

Insert the two M4 x 8mm long screws through the mounting holes on the two brackets. Insert and fasten the M4 slim t-nuts onto the threads of the screws. This will make fitting onto the 2020 extrusion easier later in the assembly.

Secure Brackets to Mounting Plate

Place the brackets onto the slotted holes on the mounting plate. Reference the photo for correct placement.

Installing Mounting Plate to Solenoid

The mounting plate is secured to the solenoid using four M3 x 6mm long machine screws.

Install Mounting Plate

Place the assembled mounting plate over the solenoid and line up the mounting holes. Reference the image for correct orientation.

Secure Mounting Plate to Solenoid

Insert and fasten four M3 x 6mm long screws to secure the mounting plate to the solenoid.

Assembled Solenoid Mount

The solenoid mount is ready to fit onto a piece of 2020 aluminum extrusion. Check to ensure the slim t-nuts are preinstalled onto the brackets.

Hardware for 2020 Base

Get the hardware ready for assembling the base for the 2020 extrusion.

  • 2x M5 x 30mm long screws
  • 6x M5 hex nuts
  • 1x M4 x 8mm long screw
  • 1x M4 slim t-nut

Setup Legs for 2020 Base

Insert the two M5 x 30mm long screws into the base feet. Insert two M5 hex nuts onto the threads of each screw. Reference the photo for best placement. These rubber bumper feet are stuck on the bottom for better grip.

Install T-Nuts onto 2020 Base

Insert the M4 x 8mm long screw through the hole on the 2020 base. Install and fasten the M4 slim t-nut onto the thread of the screw. This will make it easier to fit onto the 2020 extrusion.

Install Hex Nuts to 2020 Base

Press fit two of the M5 hex nuts onto the recessed holes on the 2020 base. 

Install Legs to 2020 Base

Fasten the legs onto the M5 hex nuts that were fitted into the 2020 base. Reference photo for best placement.

Tighten Hex Nuts

Use a wrench or vise grips too tightly fasten the hex nuts. The height of the 2020 mount can be adjusted by twisting the thread to a desired length.

Pair of 2020 Base Mounts

Proceed to create a second 2020 base mount. One will go on each side of 2020 aluminum extrusion.

Install Solenoid Mount to 2020 Extrusion

Fit the brackets from the solenoid to the slots on the 2020 aluminum extrusion. Ensure the slim t-nut is properly fitted through the slots.

Solenoid Wiring

The solenoid cable is fitted through the brackets before installing onto the piece of 2020 aluminum extrusion. This helps keep the wiring hidden inside the slots of the extrusion.

Height Adjustment

The solenoid can be adjusted by loosening the two M3 screws that secure the solenoid holder to the brackets. The slotted holes allow for height adjustments.

Secure 2020 Mounting Brackets

The brackets are able to slide along the 2020 aluminum extrusion. Tighten the two M4 screws on the brackets to secure the solenoid in palce.

Installing DC Cable

The 2.1mm barrel connector is fitted through the 2020 base. This allows the cable to be routed outside of the extrusion.

Install Base Mount

Fit the base mount over the end of the 2020 aluminum extrusion. Carefully fit the slim t-nut into the slot.  Ensure the cable from the solenoid is not being kinked or pinched.

Assembled 2020 Solenoid

Double check all of the screws are nice and tight. The height of the solenoid and legs can be adjusted to fit over a snare drum or practice pad.

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